Submitting your documents

Once you have submitted your application, you do not need to do anything until you hear from us. You will receive a letter from us detailing the next steps you need to take.

  • If you are deemed ineligible for funding according to the information provided on your initial application form, you will receive a refusal letter.
  • If you are deemed eligible for funding, you will receive a letter containing a checklist which will outline the documentation you will need to send to us in order for us to proceed with your application.

In order to correctly assess your application you may be asked to provide documentation in support of your grant application.

Please see Document Requirement Guidelines in Support of your Grant Application 2022-2023 which offers a guide to the documentation which may be requested from you and the type of documentation which is acceptable to SUSI to confirm your application details.

The documents requested from you will depend on your application details.  As soon as you send in your documents, your application will be reviewed in order of receipt. At this stage, if the documentation provided is not sufficient or new information arises, you may be requested to send in some additional documentation.


 Supply of Documentation (general requirements)

  • Your application (W) number should be included with all documentation;
  • All documentation requested should be posted together whenever possible;
  • Documents should be sent to us as soon as possible. You are given a deadline date on the request letter, if you are experiencing a delay in sourcing a document please contact the SUSI helpdesk and inform them of this;
  • Please ensure that the declaration form, (if enclosed with the document request checklist letter you receive) is signed by all relevant parties and returned. Incomplete declaration forms will not be accepted and this could slow down your application process;
  • We only require photocopies of original documents; and
  • Documents will only be accepted in either English or Irish.

Common Supply of Documentation Issues

You may have issues with the supply of certain documentation as they will not become available until later on in your college application process.

Documentation which most commonly cause issues are as follows;

  • Course Change Notification Form. You will not be able to complete your Course Change Notification form until you have been offered and accepted your college place, however, it is important that you complete your on- line CCN form in a timely manner, once you have accepted your college place, as your grant application cannot be finalised without this.
  • CAO applicants who have opted to share their course details with SUSI do not need to submit a CCN form. The CAO will provide your course details to SUSI.
  • Evidence of Relevant Person(s) in an approved Further and/or Higher Education Course. You will not be able to provide this evidence until the relevant person(s) have registered/re-registered for the new academic year. College letters must state that the relevant person is registered for the coming academic year (2022/2023). Letters stating provisionally registered or that they are expected to return are not acceptable.
  • Evidence of Independent Residency You may be asked to submit documents as evidence of independent residency. The required documentation must be from both;
    • the year prior to entry/re-entry to an approved further/higher education course and must be from no later than October of that year, and
    • the year of entry/re-entry to an approved further/higher education course.(dated no later than the start of the course you are pursuing.

Example 1: First point of entry/re-entry into further/higher education in 2022/2023: Documents from 2021, dated no later than October 2021 and documents dated from current year 2022 prior to start date of your course.

Example 2: First point of entry/re-entry into further/higher education in 2021/2022: Documents from 2020,dated no later than October 2020 and documents dated from the actual year you entered your course prior to the start date of course (i.e. in this example, the year 2021).


You should ensure that you submit the correct documents for the correct years in your case so that we do not have to ask you for further documents as this will delay the processing of your application.

You should return all the requested documentation with your checklist.  If you are experiencing a delay in sourcing a document please contact the SUSI helpdesk and inform them of this.