Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)

PAYMENT UPDATE: For students attending Higher Education (Undergraduate) SUSI is continuing to pay the first instalment of the maintenance payment. First payments are issuing on a weekly basis from 21st September and throughout October. You can read our Payments section to find out more on weekly payments, updating bank details and scheduled payment dates here


Welcome to the SUSI website, a comprehensive source of information that provides you information to apply for a student grant. Before applying for your grant, we would encourage you to review the eligibility criteria by selecting your student type from the options below.

We would also encourage you to use our Eligibility Reckoner where you can quickly and easily self-assess whether you may be entitled to a grant. Links to the student grant legislation and a step-by-step guide to help with filling in an application can be found in our Resources page.


SUSI will close for applications for the 2018-19 academic year on Thursday 1st November. Please ensure to make and submit your application for 2018-19 by this date.

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