Customer Service Charter

SUSI – Student Universal Support Ireland is the Single Awarding Authority responsible for the processing of all student grants in Ireland.

This Customer Charter sets out mutual expectations in this context.

Consistency, Equity and Confidentiality

  • SUSI will administer student grant applications fairly, reasonably and consistently in line with the Student Support Act 2011, the Student Grant Scheme  and the Student Support Regulations made thereunder and will seek to achieve the correct outcome.
  • SUSI will treat the information you give us in confidence and ensure that it will not be used, or disclosed, except as provided for in the SUSI Data Protection Statement you signed when submitting your application.

Courtesy, Consideration and Professionalism

You can expect:

  • to be treated courteously with consideration in a non-discriminatory, professional way in your dealings with SUSI.

We expect you:

  • to treat SUSI officials with courtesy and to give them all reasonable co-operation.

Information and Assistance

You can expect:

  • that we aim to ensure that all information we produce is clear, timely and accurate;
  • that published information will be provided in an accessible and easy to read format and will also be available on our website; and
  • to be given the necessary information, and all reasonable assistance, to enable you to clearly understand the grant process.

We expect you:

  • to provide true and correct information in all your contacts with SUSI and to advise SUSI in a timely manner of developments that are relevant to your grant application.

Presumption of Honesty

You can expect:

  • to be treated as honest in your dealings with SUSI unless there is clear reason to believe otherwise and subject to SUSI’s responsibility for ensuring compliance with grant regulations.

We expect you:

  • to deal in an honest way with SUSI by declaring correct information and on making an application for a student grant, seeking only those entitlements to which you are due.