Appealing Your Grant Decision

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your grant application you may make an appeal as follows;

  • To SUSI (which must be received within 30 days of your original grant decision as advised to you by SUSI).
  • Subsequently to the Student Grants Appeal Board (Only after you have received, in writing, your appeal decision from the SUSI Appeals Officer). Details on their process is available on Student Grant Appeal Board website

The following may be reviewed;

  • Adjacent/Non Adjacent rate (distance between college/home);
  • Reassessment of your Total Household Income (if you feel it has been incorrectly assessed);
  • Special Rate (Please click here for more information on the requirements for special rate awards); and
  • Change in Circumstances;
    • Loss of Employment/Permanent Reduction in Salary;
    • Retirement;
    • Cessation of Business  (If self employed);
    • Nationality or Immigration status;
    • Number of dependent children residing in the household;
    • Sibling attending 3rd Level education;
    • Change of Course; and
    • Normal Residence  

Make an Appeal to SUSI

To make an appeal request;

The Appeal Officer will notify you in writing within 30 days of the determination of your appeal.

Make an Appeal to the Student Grants Appeal Board (SGAB)

  • You can appeal to the Student Grants Appeals Board only after you have appealed through SUSI and received the decision of the Appeals Officer. The written decision of the Appeals Officer will advise you how to submit an appeal to the Student Grants Appeals Board.
  • The Student Grants Appeals Board has 60 days in which to make a determination of your appeal and you will be informed in writing of their determination.

Details on this process are available here.

Provision is made in the Student Support Act 2011 for a person to appeal the decision of the Student Grants Appeals Board to the High Court against the determination on a specified point of law.