Previous Education and Progression

Previous Education

SUSI may need to know your academic history to determine if you are eligible for a grant.


You must be increasing your NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) level to be considered eligible for a grant.

You must be attending an approved course –

  • that leads to a higher level of qualification than any you may already hold,
  • that is at a higher level than any course you may have previously attended,
  • in which you are progressing from one year to the next and not repeating a year (save in exceptional circumstances)

However, you may be considered eligible for funding as a “second chance” student where you –

  • have previously attended but not completed a course,
  • have had a 5-year break in studies at since leaving that course, and
  • are returning to attend an approved course at the same level.

Please note that studying at a level below undergraduate level, within the 5-year period, does not affect a student’s eligibility to be considered as a “second chance student”.


Further/Higher EducationLevelProgressionMaximum Periods of Grant Funding
Further EducationPLC level 5Certificate- Maximum 3 years funding total at PLC level
Further EducationPLC level 6Advanced Certificate
Higher EducationUG level 6 Higher Certificate- Maximum 2 years funding at Undergrad level 6

- Maximum 3 years funding at Undergrad level 7

- Maximum 4 years funding in total at Undergrad level 6 & 7

- Maximum 4 years funding at Undergrad level 8 (except where normal duration of course exceeds 4 years)

Higher EducationUG level 7 Ordinary Bachelor Degree
Higher EducationUG level 8Honours Bachelor Degree
Higher EducationPG level 8Higher Diploma- Maximum 4 years funding in total at Postgrad

All previous attendance and attainment at Postgrad level are considered regardless of whether grant was received previously or not
Higher EducationPG Level 9Diploma
Higher EducationLevel 9Masters Degree
Higher EducationLevel 10PHD

Repeat Period of Study

If you are a student who is repeating a year on the same course then you are not eligible for a grant,


if you previously undertook a further or higher education course but left prior to finishing, you may be eligible for a portion of a student grant once you have completed an equivalent period of study.