SUSI Technical Support Information

Accessing Your Account:

• Applicants cannot have more than one account. If you have previously set up a SUSI account you can access it by using your Username, Password and Pin Code.
• If you have forgotten any of the above details you can use the “I forgot my password”, “I forgot my pin code” and “I forgot my username” links to retrieve the lost information.
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• When using the links it is important to use the correct information requested.
• If you do not receive an e-mail within an hour of requesting a link to reset your information verify your credentials and try again. If you still do not receive any information contact for assistance.

Amending details:

Applicants can amend the following information in the “My Details” section of their account

    • E-mail
    • Phone Number
    • Correspondence Address

N.B – It is important to note that applicants cannot amend these details in their account if an application has been started but not fully submitted.
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Bank Details:

• Applicants can only submit bank details once an application has been submitted for the current academic year.


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• It is important to ensure you are entering the correct personal information requested when submitting your bank details and applicants should ALWAYS verify their IBAN number from their banking correspondence to avoid a delay in payments.

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Submitting your application:

• Applicants can save the progress of their application if they cannot fully submit it in one sitting. It is VITAL though that an applicant FULLY submits an application before SUSI deadlines if they wish to apply for a grant.
• You will know your application is fully submitted when there is a submission date next to it.