SUSI is open for 2019/2020 applications

SUSI is now open for 2019-2020 Applications. Find out more about the Eligibility Criteria here


24th April 2019

SUSI announces opening of Student Grant Application System for 2019/2020


SUSI, the national student grant awarding body, has announced that its online application system for the 2019/20 academic year is now open, today 25th April.

As SUSI expects to receive up to 99,000 applications over the coming months students are advised to apply online through the SUSI website as soon as possible.

SUSI Communications and Information Services Manager, Aoife Greene advised, “Students should visit our website and use our quick and easy online Eligibility Reckoner before making their application. This will give them an indication as to their eligibility for student grant funding. They can find all of the necessary information and advice on our website and social media, including videos and detailed guidance notes for making an application. We also have a responsive telephone and e-mail support desk that can deal with any queries students might have.

“It is important to remind students who are progressing to the next year of their course that they need to renew their grants annually and we have already e-mailed all of those students in the lead up to opening to inform them of the process for renewing. The priority closing date for making renewal applications is 13th June, 2019.

“In relation to new applicants, last year we had awarded over 80% of new applications by the end of September thus providing earlier certainty for students in making college choices and accepting place offers. Students do not need to have their leaving certificate results, or to have accepted a course in order to submit an application – they can simply provide details of the course they hope to study. Their course choices can be updated at a later stage directly in their online accounts if necessary and CAO also informs SUSI of college places accepted by students who have enabled CAO to inform SUSI of this. The priority closing date for new applications is 11th July, 2019.”

Aoife Greene added, “SUSI aims to continuously improve upon its service and we expect that over half of applicants will not be required to submit any documentation whatsoever in support of their application. For those students who are requested by SUSI to submit supporting documents, I would advise them to submit all requested documents together and as soon as possible and to contact the SUSI support desk if there will be a delay in returning certain documents.

“Students can track the progress of their own applications and confirm that documentation has been received through their SUSI Online Application Trackers. This is available by logging in to their individual SUSI account.


“SUSI aims to offer a fast, responsive and accessible path for students seeking grant support for their studies and we look forward to ensuring that students’ applications can be processed as smoothly and efficiently as possible for the upcoming academic year.”

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