Students Studying Outside the State – Approved Institutions/Courses

To be deemed an approved undergraduate course outside the State, the course must meet the following criteria:

  • be provided by an educational institution in another EU Member State or the United Kingdom that provides higher education and training and which is in receipt of recurrent grants from public funds, AND
  • be a full-time course of at least two years duration, AND
  • lead to a major education and training award, in line with the National Framework of Qualifications ( or equivalent.


Integrated Masters Courses

SUSI provides maintenance support only for undergraduate courses outside of the State that meet the specific eligibility criteria as listed in the Student Grant Scheme and that are held in an institution that meets the eligibility criteria listed in the Student Support Regulations and the Student Support Act.

As integrated masters courses are made up of both an undergraduate and postgraduate element, SUSI may issue maintenance during the undergraduate element of the course but will not provide any support for any postgraduate study outside of the state, including postgraduate study that is associated with the Integrated Masters courses.

For example, where a student is studying a 4 year Integrated Masters Course in the UK and SUSI determines that the first 3 years of the course are at undergraduate level with the final year at postgraduate level, eligible students  will receive maintenance support for the first 3 years of the course but will be ineligible for any funding in the fourth year of the course.

It is important that any student who intends to study abroad receives confirmation as to whether their course falls under this category as this will impact on their eligibility for a maintenance grant for the postgraduate element of the course.


Grant funding is also available to students to pursue approved postgraduate courses in four approved institutions in Northern Ireland.

The approved institutions, and the approved courses available therein, are as follows:

  • Queen’s University, Belfast – full-time Postgraduate courses of not less than one year duration
  • University of Ulster – full-time Postgraduate courses of not less than one year duration
  • St. Mary’s College of Education, Belfast – Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Irish Medium)
  • Stranmillis College, Belfast – Postgraduate Certificate in Education