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Academic Year 2020/21

Student Grant Legislation (Academic Year 2020-21):

Student Support Act 2011

Student Grant Scheme 2020.

Student Support Regulations 2020

Guidelines_2020 Scheme

Student Grant (Amendment) Scheme 2021 SI 5 of 2021

Student Grant (Amendment) Regulations 2021 SI 6 of 2021

Student Grant (Amendment) Scheme 2020 SI 570 of 2020

Student Support (Amendment) Regulations 2020 S.I. 600 of 2020

For information on how to complete an application read SUSI’s New Application Form Guide. (Please note, a PDF document reader is required to view each the Guides.)

New Application Form Guide 2021-2021

New Application Form Guide 2020-2021

New Application Form Guide Sections 2020-2021

1. Creating an Account with SUSI

2. Applicant’s Personal Details 2020

3. Applicant’s Nationality, Immigration Status & Residency 2020

4. Applicant’s Academic History

5. Dependent Children & Relevant Persons

6. Reckonable Income


For information on how to complete a renewal application read SUSI’s Renewal Application Form Guide.

Renewal Application Form Guide 2020-2021



Document Requirement Guidelines in Support of your Grant Application:

Document Requirement Guidelines in Support of your Grant Application 2020-2021(2)

Your Guide to SUSI

Income Threshold 2020-2021