Renewal Applications

Student grants awarded under the Student Grant Scheme are reviewed each year. You must renew your application for each year of your course. For example, if you held a grant from SUSI in 2020/2021 and are continuing your studies on the same course in the 2021/2022 academic year, SUSI will be in contact with you by email to advise you to renew your grant application.

However, please note that if you have;

  • completed a previous course (e.g. a three year level 7 course) and are applying for a one year add on course for the current academic year 2021/2022 (e.g. a level 8, one year add on), you will need to  make a new application.
  • decided to change your course, your college or are starting a new course you will need to make a new application.

To renew your grant application you should;

Step 1 Apply

  • Log into and hit the “Apply Here” button on the SUSI home page;
  • Hit the “Log into Online Grants System” button;
  • Log into your Grant on Line Account using your username, password and pin number. (If you have forgotten your username, password or pin number, reset them using the links provided)
  • Select the “Grant Application” option.(left hand side of screen); and
  • Complete the renewal form and submit to SUSI. Guidance notes for completing a renewal application are available here. Renewal-Application-Form-Guide

Step 2 SUSI Receive Response Letter from SUSI

Based on the information supplied in your online application form you will receive either

  • An Award Letter (if no further documentation/action required on your part);
  • A Refusal letter (detailing the reason(s) for refusal); and
  • A Checklist letter requesting new supporting documents, (if any are required)

If you receive a letter stating

  • Awarded; this letter is issued to you offering you a grant and highlighting the further steps you need to take before your grant can be paid;
  • Refused: this letter is issued to you stating you are refused a grant. This letter will also highlight the further steps you may take if you wish to request a review or appeal your grant decision. These steps are also outlined in the Review Your Grant Decision and or Appeal Your Grant Decision processes; and
  • Checklist Letter requiring documents: You must supply the requested documents to enable us to complete the processing of your application.


Step 3 Receive your payment (if awarded)

Maintenance grants are paid into your (student’s) bank account and fee grants are paid directly to the college you are attending.

To ensure payment of your grant, you must have –

  • provided your bank details to SUSI (maintenance grants only) – this can be done at any time through your online grant application account, or advise SUSI of any change in bank details from previous year;
  • been confirmed to SUSI by your college as registered and attending your course for the current academic year 2021/2022.

Payment dates for your grant award will be:.

Higher Education
payment dates 2021-22
PaymentPayment Date
Payment 18 October 2021
Payment 229 October 2021
Payment 319 November 2021
Payment 417 December 2021
Payment 514 January 2022
Payment 618 February 2022
Payment 718 March 2022
Payment 88 April 2022
Payment 913 May 2022
Post Leaving Certificate
payment dates 2021-22
PaymentPayment Date
Payment 122 October 2021
Payment 226 November 2021
Payment 317 December 2021
Payment 421 January 2022
Payment 525 February 2022
Payment 625March 2022
Payment 722 April 2022
Payment 820 May 2022
Payment 917 June 2022