Reviewing your grant decision

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your grant application you may request a review of the decision as follows;

Make a Review Request

You should request a review of the decision by sending an email to giving as much information as possible about why the grant outcome, in your opinion, is incorrect. You may later receive a letter requesting documentation to support any information given.

Please ensure the subject of the email is “Review Request” together with your W application number. This number is listed on all correspondence you receive from us regarding your application.

The following may be reviewed;

  • Adjacent/Non Adjacent rate (distance between college/home);
  • Reassessment of your Total Household Income (if you feel it has been incorrectly assessed);
  • Special Rate (Please click here for more information on the requirements for Special Rate awards); and
  • Change of Circumstances;
    • Loss of Employment/Permanent Reduction in Salary;
    • Retirement;
    • Cessation of Business  (If self employed);
    • Nationality or Immigration status;
    • Number of dependent children residing in the household;
    • Sibling attending 3rd Level;
    • Change of Course; and
    • A change in your ordinary permanent residence (this is in relation to adjacent/non-adjacent rates of maintenance grant only).

If your review request results in a change to your original grant decision you will be advised of this and the appropriate amendments (if any) will be made to your application.