Repayments Policy

Where any grant overpayment occurs, SUSI must seek repayment from you, the student. An overpayment may include both maintenance grant and student contribution or other fees paid to an institution on your behalf.

Recovery of overpayments will be undertaken in accordance with the following:

  • Section 24(1-3) of the Student Support Act 2011; and
  • The relevant article of the Student Grant Scheme of the relevant academic year.

Repayment Process

When an overpayment comes to SUSI’s attention, SUSI will:

  • Write to you informing you of the decision to vary your grant amount or rescind your grant award and advising you that recovery (repayment) of the overpayment will be necessary;
  • Then write to you, the student, formally advising the overpayment amount and requesting repayment; and will
  • Include with this letter, a Grant Repayment Option Form which will request details of your preferred repayment option and which should be signed and returned to SUSI within two weeks. SUSI is open to agreeing a range of repayment options however we will insist on a minimum payment.

Once you have returned your Grant Repayment Option Form containing repayment terms that are acceptable to SUSI, a Statement of Agreed Terms and Conditions will be issued to you confirming;

  • Total amount to be repaid;
  • Start Date of repayment;
  • Number of, amount per, and frequency of instalments to be repaid;
  • End Date of repayment; and
  • SUSI Payment Methods/Bank Details as appropriate.

When the final payment has been received SUSI will issue a confirmation of receipt on all payments which were due on your account.