Higher Education Maintenance Payment Dates

PLC Maintenance Payment Dates

You will need to have the following before you can receive payment of your grant award;

  • Received a grant award or grant renewal award letter from SUSI;
  • Registered with your college for the new academic year;
  • Been confirmed by your college to SUSI as registered/attending for the new academic year; and
  • Submitted your bank details online through your SUSI online account. You will require your PPS Number when entering your bank details online.

In order to be able to receive payment of your grant award into your account you should ensure that;

  • As payment of a maintenance grant award will be made by Electronic Fund Transfer,(EFT), into your own bank account, that your bank account is;
    • able to receive EFT’s;
    • in Euros;
    • open; and
    • active.
  • Your bank account is in the Republic of Ireland and in one of the following banks; Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, Educational Building Society (EBS), Ulster Bank, National Irish Bank, KBC Bank or at a Credit Union listed on this website.

Please note that most savings, deposit and second level school accounts cannot accept EFT’s, so it is important to check this with your bank.

Grant Award Payments are made as follows;

  • Maintenance Grants: In nine monthly instalments into your own bank account by EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer).
  • Fee Grants: Directly to the college/institution you will attend, on your behalf.


Frequently Asked Questions

I wasn’t awarded until after October, will I get back payments?

If your application is awarded after October or your registration is confirmed after October you will receive any back payments due in your first payment.

Can I change my bank account details once they have been submitted?

You can change or amend your bank account details yourself through your on-line account once they have been submitted.

How will an equivalent period of study determination affect my grant payment?

If you have been awarded a reduced maintenance grant and/or fees grant due to having completed a prior period of study at the same or higher level to that of your current awarded course, this will affect the amount of maintenance grant and/or fees you will be awarded.  A number of month’s payments will be withheld, which will correspond to the number of months of equivalent study you are required to complete.

Example: You previously did 3 months of level seven course and left the course and are now applying for a grant for a different level seven course.

You will need to complete a repeat period of study of three months, so will only be eligible for six months of the normal nine month grant. Payment of your grant will not be paid until month four of your course.


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