Previous Education and Progression – Undergraduate

Previous Education

SUSI may need to know your academic history to determine if you are eligible for a grant.


Higher EducationLevelProgression 
Higher EducationUG level 6 Higher Certificate- Maximum 2 years funding at Undergrad level 6

- Maximum 3 years funding at Undergrad level 7

- Maximum 4 years funding in total at Undergrad level 6 & 7

- Maximum 4 years funding at Undergrad level 8 (except where normal duration of course exceeds 4 years)

Higher EducationUG level 7 Ordinary Bachelor Degree
Higher EducationUG level 8Honours Bachelor Degree

You must be increasing your NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) level to be considered eligible for a grant.

You must be attending an approved course –

  • that leads to a higher level of qualification than any you may already hold,
  • that is at a higher level than any course you may have previously attended,
  • in which you are progressing from one year to the next and not repeating a year (save in exceptional circumstances)

However, you may be considered eligible for funding as a “second chance” student where you –

  • have previously attended but not completed a course,
  • have had a 5-year break in studies since leaving that course, and
    • (The Student Grant Scheme does allow a second chance student attend a course below undergraduate level within the five year break without incurring any penalty under the five year rule)
  • are returning to attend an approved course.

Repeat Period of Study

If you are a student who is repeating a year on the same course, or entering the same year  (e.g. year 1) , as previously attended,  on a new course, then you are not eligible for a grant,


if you previously undertook a higher education course but left prior to finishing, you may be eligible for a portion of a student grant once you have completed an equivalent period of study.