Postgraduate Students – Approved Institutions/Courses

Grant funding is available to students to pursue approved Postgraduate courses in approved institutions within the State and in four approved institutions in Northern Ireland (click here for a list of those institutions and courses in Northern Ireland).

To be deemed an approved postgraduate course within the State, the course must meet the following criteria:

  • be provided by an approved institution, AND
  • be a full-time course of at least one year duration, AND
  • lead to a major education and training award, in line with the National Framework of Qualifications ( at Level 8 (Higher Diploma), Level 9 (Postgraduate Diploma), Level 9 (Masters) or Level 10 (Doctorate).

Click here for a list of the approved institutions within the State, as set out in the Student Support Regulations, wherein approved postgraduate courses are available.


The Student Support Regulations also identify a number of specific postgraduate courses in other Higher Education Institutions that are approved for grant funding.  Only the specified postgraduate courses in each such institution are eligible.

Click here for a full list of these institutions and specific prescribed courses.