How to Make a Grant Application (Existing Grant Holders)

You can apply for a student grant online after the opening date of the 25 April 2019 by clicking here to access your SUSI account using your username, password and PIN code. If you do not have a current SUSI account you will need to register first.

If you are unable to remember your password or PIN code, you should follow the instructions in the forgotten password/PIN code links on the SUSI account login page.

If you have a MyGovID Verified account, you can also use your MyGovID to automatically create and log in to your SUSI account without having to register. The advantage of using MyGovID Verified is that you will not need to remember/store a separate SUSI Username, Password and PIN Code.

If you do not have a MyGovID Verified account and would like to know more, please see

You should make your application as soon as possible after the opening date of the 25 April 2019 and before the priority application dates which are Thursday 13th June 2019 for grant renewal applications and Thursday 11th July 2019 for new grant applications.

Before You Apply

Before making your application, you should refer to the Important Notes for Grant Applicants , the Tips for SUSI Applicants and the information provided for PLC/Undergraduate/Postgraduate students and for Students Studying Outside the State, as appropriate.

Your attention is drawn in particular to the Rules of Progression on the National Framework of Qualifications and the Maximum Periods of Grant Funding for studies at PLC, undergraduate and postgraduate levels (including where studying outside the State).

Application Processing

In processing your application we will refer to any information that you may have provided on previous applications but please note that we may also need to ask you for further documentary evidence.

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