SUSI new PIN code process

SUSI has added an additional layer of security to its Online Grant Application System. Students are being asked to create a six digit PIN code for themselves and each time they wish to access the system, they will be required to enter a random 3 digits from their PIN code, as well as their username and password.


PIN number pic 1



When an existing student attempts to login to their SUSI Grants Online account, they will now be required to enter a random 3 digits from a 6 digit PIN code, in addition to their username and password. Usernames and passwords are not changing. The login screen for the SUSI Grants Online system will now look like this.









PIN number pic 2



When an existing student attempts to login, if they select any of the 3 boxes which are requesting digits from their PIN code, they will see this message which offers a facility whereby a PIN code can be created.








Pin number pic 3

Once the click here link has been selected, the student will be presented with the screen below which will request that they enter their existing Username and Password and create and verify the PIN code which will then be associated with their account.




NEW student grant applicants will be asked for this information when they are Registering for a SUSI Grants Online account.

A PIN Code must contain 6 numeric digits and should not be something which can be easily associated with the user such as their date of birth or phone number. Some obvious PIN Codes (such as 123456) also cannot be selected.

In addition to the ‘Forgot Username’ and ‘Forgot Password’ facilities, a new ‘Forgot PIN Code’ facility has also been added to the system which facilitates a recovery path for this information.


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