Privacy Statement

This is a summary of the SUSI Data Protection Statement.

Before submitting an application, each person named must confirm that they have read and understood the full SUSI Data Protection Statement.

  • SUSI is a unit of CDETB which is the data controller for student grant applications.
  • SUSI may share personal data provided in your application with other Government bodies and agencies for the purpose of processing your grant application.
  • Submitting a grant application constitutes consent to the sharing of personal data for this purpose.
  • Personal data is retained by SUSI for this purpose and in line with our data retention policy.
  • Personal data will not be shared with other persons (parent, spouse) who are parties to an application.
  • Information regarding the status of an application, required evidence and actions may be shared with such persons unless you inform SUSI that you do not wish this to happen.
  • Where applicants identify relationships to other applicants or grant recipients, such information will be linked to insure consistency and efficiency in processing.
  • For the purpose of audit and compliance SUSI may match sample sets of personal data provided on applications.
  • Pursuant to Section 3 and Section 4 of the Data Protections Acts, individuals may access their personal data and request a copy of their data held by SUSI.