Creating a SUSI Online Account

Online Student Grant Application System

Applications for Student Grant funding are made through the Online Student Grant Application System. You can access the Online Student Grant Application system by visiting and clicking “Apply Here”. Alternatively, you can reach the system through the URL

Step 1: Creating an online account.

Before you can make a grant application to must first register for an online account.

You must select the “click here” option as shown in the screen-shot below.

Login.Register Page


You should read the SUSI Data Protection Statement before proceeding.

On the page you are also given an option to complete the Grant Eligibility Reckoner by clicking on the relevant link. This will give you an indication if you may be eligible for Student Grant funding.

After you have read the SUSI Data Protection Statement and completed the Grant Eligibility Reckoner, you should select the next button as shown in the below screen-shot.

Before you register page 2

You will then be brought to the page shown in the screenshot below. This page will give you the option again to complete The Grant eligibility Reckoner.

You will be required to enter your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) and other basic personal and contact details. If you do not have a PPSN, please apply for one by contacting Client Identity Services in the Department of Social Protection.

You will be advised that an email has been sent to the email address you have entered containing a 7 digit verification code and to please enter the verification code in the box provided. You have 20 minutes to enter the code before it expires.

You should fill in your personal information select “Next” as shown below.

Person Details Account Registration 3

On the following page you will be asked to create a “Username”, “Password” and “Pin Code”. Please ensure that both your username, password and pin code are easy for you to remember as these will be needed on an ongoing basis to allow you access your account and information about your application.

You will be asked to select a security question and provide an answer. This information will assist in the event that you forget your password and need to reset it.

You must choose a 6 digit Pin Code. This must contain 6 numeric digits and should not be something which can be easily associated with you such as your date of birth or your phone number. Some obvious Pin Codes (such as 123456) also cannot be selected.

You will be asked to retype a security code displayed in an image box at the bottom of the screen.

When these fields are completed, You should select “Next”

Student Registration Page 4


Summary of your registration will appear and, if all is in order, click the ‘Submit’ button to activate your online account. These account details can be used by you for subsequent grant applications in the future or to renew your grant from year to year.

After you have registered you will receive an email, to the address you provided, which will provide a link where you can enter your username and password to access and complete a grant application form.

Personal Account Information list page 5 redacted