SUSI Grant Process

How to Apply for a SUSI Grant: Tips for Applicants

  • Make your application as early as possible after the opening date  (April 2021).
  • Make sure the information you supply in relation to dates of birth, PPS numbers, etc. is correct, to avoid delays in the processing of your application.
  • Find out what class of applicant you are – Dependent, Mature Dependent or Independent.
  • It is important that you supply SUSI with all of the documentation that we request from you, correctly first time and on time. If you need more time then contact our support desk to let us know.
  • You can use the application tracker in your online account to check the progress of your submitted application at any stage.



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  • Step 1
    Make Your Application
  • Step 2
    Supply Supporting Documentation
  • Step 3
    Receive Grant Decision
  • Step 4
    Receive Your Payment

Applications are made through the grants online application system available here, or below by clicking on the “Apply Here” button.

Creating a SUSI online account

You must have an online account with SUSI before you can make your grant application. For information on how to create an account, please click here.

Fill in and submit your online application.

Please ensure that you provide complete and accurate information (e.g. on dates of birth and PPS numbers) as failure to do this will delay processing of your application.   For full details on completing your application form please refer to the New Application Form Guide 2021-22

Supply your Documents

Based on the information supplied in your online application form you will receive either an award letter, a refusal letter or a checklist requesting the supporting documents required to further process your application.

  • Supply the documentation requested of you, correctly first time and on time.
  • Where any of your documents are not submitted on time or are submitted incorrectly, you will be requested/reminded by letter/e-mail to submit/resubmit them.
  • Where a Course Change Notification (CCN) form is requested to confirm that you have accepted a college place it should be provided as soon as possible in the following way:
    • You should submit your CCN form online by accessing your SUSI on line account using your unique username, password and pin code.
    • However, if you ticked the SUSI option on your CAO form you do not need to take any action – this information is provided by CAO to SUSI when a CAO offer is accepted.
  •  Late submission of your documents will delay processing of your application.
  • Where your documents are not received following reminders, your application will be refused.

Receive Grant Decision

You will be advised of your grant decision.

Your application may be:

  • Awarded An award letter is issued to you offering you a grant and highlighting the further steps you need to take before your grant can be paid.
  • Refused A refusal letter is issued to you. This letter will also highlight the further steps you may take if you wish to request a review of your grant decision. These steps are also outlined in the SUSI Reviewing your Grant or Appealing your Grant Processes.

Receive your Payment

Maintenance grants are paid into your (student’s) bank account and fee grants are paid directly to the college you are attending. To ensure payment of your grant, you must have:

  • Provided your bank details to SUSI (maintenance grants only) – this can be done at any time through your online grant application account
  • Had your course details confirmed by the CAO to SUSI or submitted your Course Change Notification  (CCN) form on-line to SUSI
  • Been confirmed to SUSI by your college as registered and attending your course. SUSI confirms students’ continued attendance with colleges at various points during the academic year. Payments will only be made once attendance has been confirmed by the college.

As SUSI must confirm each student’s registration directly with colleges at the start of the academic year, the first instalment of maintenance grants are paid on a weekly basis.  Students can check their online payment tracker which will reflect the date once their payment has been processed.  You can read more about how to receive your SUSI maintenance payment here

Higher Education
payment dates 2021-22
PaymentPayment Date
Payment 18 October 2021
Payment 229 October 2021
Payment 319 November 2021
Payment 417 December 2021
Payment 514 January 2022
Payment 618 February 2022
Payment 718 March 2022
Payment 88 April 2022
Payment 913 May 2022
Post Leaving Certificate
payment dates 2021-22
PaymentPayment Date
Payment 122 October 2021
Payment 226 November 2021
Payment 317 December 2021
Payment 421 January 2022
Payment 525 February 2022
Payment 625March 2022
Payment 722 April 2022
Payment 820 May 2022
Payment 917 June 2022