By now you should have used the Eligibility Reckoner to give you an indication as to whether you may be eligible for funding. If not, you should do so now.

The Eligibility Criteria are as follows;

  • Residency and Nationality
  • Approved course in an approved institution (please see links below for courses/per student type)
  • Income: Are you within threshold levels to qualify for funding?
  • Maximum period of grant assistance available

The class of applicant you are, (Dependent , Mature Dependent or Independent) will determine whose income is taken into account in calculating the reckonable household income on which you will be assessed in order to establish if you are eligible for funding.

While some criteria are common across all categories of further/ higher education (i.e. Nationality), others are specific to the type of student and type of course you wish to pursue.

To find out the specific requirements for the type of student you are please select the appropriate link below.