2016-2017 Late Application Process

Guidelines for Making a Late Application to SUSI:

The Online Application System for the 2016/17 academic year was closed November 3rd 2016. Students who wish to make an application after that date must satisfy one of the following criteria in order to be granted access to make a late application.

  1. Your course is starting after the Online Closing date of November 3rd 2016.
  2. You have had a Change in Circumstances under one, or more, of the following criteria, after the Online Closing date of November 3rd 2016 and no later than the end of the 2016/17 academic year;
    • Reckonable Income;
    • Number of Dependent Children;
    • Relevant Persons commencing an approved course;
    • Normal Residence;
    • Nationality or immigration status; and/or
    • Change of course or institution.
  3. You experienced extenuating circumstances that adversely affected you and your ability to make an application prior to the Online Closing date of November 3rd 2016. Some examples of this would be a close bereavement or medical circumstances. Please note, if you submit a late application request under this option, documentary evidence may be required to verify the circumstances prior to any request being accepted.

If you would like to make a late application request under one of the above criteria, please fill out the 2016/17 late application request form 2016-17-late-application-request-form and email the form to lateapplications@susi.ie. All forms must be completed fully or will not be accepted.

Please note, this process is for any applicant who does not have an application made with SUSI for the 2016/17 academic year. Any student who would like a review of a current 2016/17 application on the Change in Circumstances criteria listed above should read the guidelines listed on the SUSI website. Click here for further information on Change in Circumstances.